Windows Loader 2.2.2 By DAZ + WAT Fix

Windows Loader 2.2.2 By DAZ + WAT Fix download

The secure and simple method to stimulate Windows
May be the loader software which used by huge numbers of people
Well-known for moving Microsoft WAT (Windows Service Systems)
And it is perhaps the Windows service that is best manipulate actually produced. The
Software itself inserts a SLIC (Program Certified Internal Code) into
The body before Windows boots; this is exactly what fools Windows into
Considering its real.

the items you may need to know:

It functions on 32-touch and 64bit methods
Its suitable for Windows 7 SP1 and all program changes
Its suitable for all program languages
it may be used-to pre-trigger Windows
It enables you to deploy custom OEM info
It functions software strength examining
It facilitates concealed surfaces plus some complicated configurations
it may function alongside Linux GRUB or every other shoe supervisor
It works together with VMware, VirtualBox and Hyper V
It works together with many drive security application e.g. TrueCrypt or BitLocker
It enables you to include your personal records and serials outwardly
It’ll deploy simply the certification and serial for customers by having an active SLIC 2.1
It functions automatic program profiling (the applying fits anything up for you personally)
it’s not going to alter any program documents
It operates before Windows is released
No additional procedures are run so you’ve nothing consuming at your Memory
All key areas of the loader are encoded having a custom security
Every person includes a distinctive edition of the loader mounted on their Program
Recognized systems:
Windows 7 Supreme
Windows 7 Supreme ELIZABETH
Windows 7 Skilled
Windows 7 Qualified ELIZABETH
Windows 7 House Quality
Windows 7 House Quality ELIZABETH
Windows 7 House Fundamental
Windows 7 Beginner
Windows 7 Beginner ELIZABETH
Windows Vista Supreme
Windows Vista Company
Windows Vista Company D
Windows Vista Property Quality
Windows Vista Property Fundamental
Windows Vista Property Fundamental D
Windows Vista Beginner
Windows Host 2008 Business
Windows Host 2008 Business (Without Hyper V)
Windows Host 2008 Basis
Windows Host 2008 Standard
Windows Business Host 2008
Windows Storage Host 2008 Regular
Windows Storage Host 2008 R2 Necessities
Windows Host 2008 R2 Business
Windows Host 2008 R2 Basis
Windows Host 2008 R2 Standard
Windows Host 2008 R2 Datacenter
Windows Business Host 2011 Standard
Windows Business Host 2011 Necessities
Windows Residence Host 2011
Windows Host 2012 Standard
Windows Host 2012 Necessities
Windows Host 2012 Basis
Windows Host 2012 Datacenter
Windows Storage Host 2012 Regular
Windows Storage Host 2012 Workgroup
Windows MultiPoint Host 2012 Regular
Windows MultiPoint Host 2012 Quality
Windows Host 2012 R2 Standard
Edition 2.2.2 (04/02/2014)
 Added assistance for Windows Host 2012 R2 OS’s
 Included a legitimate OEM SLP key for Windows Host 2012 R2 Standard (it had been obtained from a Dell host)
 Included a caution for digital devices produced in VirtualBox which are utilizing Windows Host 2012 or 2012 R2 (use ICH9 for that loader to function)
 Permitted the loader to become mounted onto Xen again (if it generally does not work for you personally subsequently it may not be set)
 Included plenty of fresh secrets, SLIC and Records
 cleaned-up the UI
 Additional small adjustments and fixes

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